What is the difference between open and closed valley installation?

Open and closed valley installations are the two most common when it comes to residential roofing. The valley is created when two sloping roof areas intersect and is a critical detail of a steep slope roof system. 


  • Open valley consist of a metal valley pan. (Color options available)
  • Closed valley is weaving the shingles from one slope to the adjacent slope
  • The water shedding ability of an open valley exceeds that of a closed valley
  • Open valley can be installed with all steep slope roofs where a closed valley install is limited to certain asphalt shingles. Consult with your Roofing contractor to determine if both are an option
  • Aesthetics
  • Service life of an open valley outlast that of a closed valley do to granules loss of a closed valley

I would recommend installing an open valley as it will function longer, shed water better and it assuredly is the better of the two options when installed properly. I hope this helps in you next roofing project and as always consult with a reputable roofing contractor in your area.